Whitby Wheelers AGM 2018

Held: 11th February 2019 at Salmon Leap Hotel, Sleights.


Present: David Kent, Adam Theaker, Gavin Lonsdale, Chris Greaves, Jonnie Greaves, Chris Ellis, Brian Oakley, Neil Duffield, Justin Draper, Mark Naylor, Richard Clark, Janet Greaves, Jim Theaker, Trish Greaves, Paul Storr, Nigel Parkes, Gavin Lonsdale.

Apologies: Mike and Wendy Fielding, Ian and Kim Brown, Jim and Jane Buddo, Simon Wright, William Brown, Ellen McDermott.

The meeting was opened at 19:55 and the minutes of the previous meeting were accepted.

Chairman’s Report

David Kent felt that we have had a successful year. He thanked all the people who organised and helped at the TT and the Cyclocross mentioning that Lance Harland and Donna have become very involved in the Cyclocross. David mentioned that Lance had put forward the idea of a possible CX event at his father’s farm at Hawsker, which would be another possible event for the Wheeler’s calendar. David reported that there had been good turnouts at the Time Trial events through the summer. The turnouts were good with plenty of marshalls, but it would be nice to have more riders. David and Paul Storr have devised a handicap system. The system is based on beating your previous year’s PB. Paul and David have donated a TT trophy to the club. Dave reported that Jim Theaker had suggested an over 50 trophy and the club has purchased a trophy for this category and a trophy for the fastest woman. Paul Storr has suggested a second “2-up” event if the TT series could start a week earlier than usual. David reported that Austin James has organised an “official” hill climb based on the road out of Aislaby to the moor road. The event raised £38 and there were prizes of 3 or 4 bottles of wine. No dates have yet been set for the TT series for 2019.

David mentioned that the Croft Circuit races are open to everyone and are held on Tuesday nights during the summer. The Time trials will therefore likely to be held on Wednesday nights.

Treasurer’s Report

Paul Storr presented the Treasurer’s report. He distributed a printout and went over the figures. We have lost some members this year. The bottom line is that the club is up by £31.58 on last year with a sum at the bank on 19th December 2018 of £1,791.25. Paul mentioned that the levy charged by the CCT to hold the Time Trials has gone up from £2 per rider to £3 per rider.


Mountain Bike Officer Report

Adam said that he had been organising regular mountain bike rides on Saturdays which have been successful. These are all ‘away’ rides as there tends to be better terrain for mountain biking outside Whitby, e.g. Dalby Forest. The rides are difficult to arrange well in advance due to changes in the weather. The rides are therefore arranged through WhatsApp. The standard for cycling with the group is approximately the Red Route standard at Dalby, ie reasonably technical, but not overly so.

Election of Officers

The following people were elected.

Chairman: David Kent.
Proposed: Jim Theaker, Seconded Mark Naylor

Secretary: Jim Theaker
Proposed: Paul Storr, Seconded Chris Ellis

Treasurer: Paul Storr
Proposed: David Kent, Seconded Brian Oakley

Press Secretary: Chris Ellis
Proposed: Neil Duffield, Seconded Chris Greaves

Social Secretary: William Brown (role to be held jointly with Catherine Williamson)
Proposed: David Kent, Seconded Paul Storr

Cyclo Cross: Ian Brown
Proposed David Kent, Seconded Adam Theaker

Mountain Bike: Adam Theaker
Proposed Chris Ellis , Seconded David Kent


Any Other Business

Trish Greaves said that Ian Brown had asked that the club consider having a regular meeting to decide the club runs well in advance. He suggested the first Monday in every month or every other month. This would avoid the problem of riders from outside the area (for example Patrick Mudd) not being able to meet up with the main group. A monthly meeting would also be an opportunity for socialising. There was some discussion about how frequent the meetings should be. Mark Naylor suggested holding the meetings during cafe stops. Trish said that this had been tried before but hadn’t really caught on. Chris Ellis suggested that the meetings could be held every two months or even every 3 months with rides for the next 3 months being decided. The consensus was that we would hold meetings every 2 months with the first meeting scheduled for Monday 4th March at the Bridge Public House in Ruswarp.

There was some discussion of the weekly Sunday club runs. Trish Greaves suggested that there could be 2 loops decided at the 2 monthly Club Runs Meetings – one for steady riders and one for a faster group with the aim being to all meet up at the cafe mid way.

Mid-week rides (held during British Summer Time) were also discussed. Mark Naylor said the rides had died a death. He suggested that we communicate via the WhatsApp group and aim to leave at 6.00 or 6.30 throughout the week from 4 Lane Ends.

Gavin said that he would change the name of the WhatsApp group to a more appropriate name (Whitby Wheelers?) and invite any WW members who were not yet members of the WhatsApp group, to join.

David Kent mentioned a friend of his called Tim Gill who has organised a ‘Runners vs Cyclists’ event in South Yorkshire where he is based. David thought that this could go down well by joining up with Loftus & Whitby AC to hold an event on the cross-country course on Caedmon Fields and the disused railway line. Some of the runners in the club eg Neil Duffield, Chris Ellis, Ian Brown, David Kent may get together to organise something. Format to be decided.

The Meeting officially closed at 20.35